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Default Re: Anthony Mundine Defeated by Reality TV star

Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress View Post
You can't blame the fighters for capitalising on the state of the sport in this country. Mundine AND Green can not be touted as anything but successful in what they've set out to achieve. Despite what they've said in the media and how they've hyped themselves up etc etc it's not them whose forcing people to cover them in the media or buy their ****py PPV's and so on...

They aren't ripping the public off, the public are getting what they pay for and if you're stupid enough to still, after this long, particularly with Mundine, buy into the charade, then you're not in it for the sport of boxing, you're in it to follow a circus of entertainment, which to the general public is all that this is.

These guys have seen an opportunity to give average Joe something watchable to get invested in and pay for and they've run with it.

It doesn't excuse what they've done to the sport here, in most ways you can argue they've done wonders for it, but they aren't even a blip on the radar in the world scale of things - even with a win over RJJ Green doesn't pop up on the forum anymore than any of the other Cruisers out there and Mundine barely pops up at all.

Even the headline "Mundine defeated by Reality TV star" probably flashes dollar signs in the Man's eyes.

What's surprising is how people are STILL surprised by the **** that's going on. I was a deadset fan of his until just after he KO'ed Soliman, but even I can see that it's all over now and he's just collecting money until the day he retires, which is possibly even further away now than it was before he was KOed by Wood.

The time to get over it has long past and if you're still banging on about it you've bought into the circus as much as any of the other suckers out there.
Great post and as JB said, Spot on
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