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Default Re: Anthony Mundine Defeated by Reality TV star

Originally Posted by T.C.W View Post
are you serious, really.

If you are you know zero about boxing and how it works. Mundine is a multi millionaire from boxing and only had 1 meaningful outside of australia.

Mundine problem is he talked like sugar ray robinson but only fought like a very good top 10 168 fighter in his prime which was between 2005 and 2008.

Boxing = money and mundine did well in that department but he not a all time great fighter.
on what do you base this? around times you mention the only top 10 guys he fought were Siaca (arguably the weakest title holder at the time) and Kessler. On both occasions he got beaten quite easily, which would indicate that he did not "fight like a very good top 10 fighter"...more like a journeyman/top 25 fighter. the problem with him and many of his followers is that they see all these victories and think he is world class. if you take a horse who has won 20 class 3 races at Esk and put him in the Kentucky Derby we all know what would happen, much like what would happen if Mundine ever grew some ***** and fought in the US against genuine top 3 guys. Kessler defeat let him know exactly how far away from world class he was and he has wanted nothing to do with it since
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