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Default Re: Anthony Mundine Defeated by Reality TV star

Originally Posted by T.C.W View Post
look people, Mundine did not fight in USA because he made more money here. He was a top 10 168 fighter between those years, I'm not saying number 2 or 1 but he was in the top 10. If your in the top 10 in a divison your world class. Boxing is about money.

Mundine made more money here, then he would have in the usa.

He just talked alot of ****. but it made him rich. he beat soliman,green and Geale, echols and competed against kessler. that all he is. not a great fighter. A fighter who was around for a couple years inside the top 10. not 1 or 2 or 3, but around 8 to 12 in the world

Your voice is getting shrill TC with a hint of desperation.
You feel no one is listeningn . They're not.

Well if you want to count them just Ash from Japan and **** from France.
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