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Default Re: Anthony Mundine Defeated by Reality TV star

Originally Posted by T.C.W View Post
look people, Mundine did not fight in USA because he made more money here. He was a top 10 168 fighter between those years, I'm not saying number 2 or 1 but he was in the top 10. If your in the top 10 in a divison your world class. Boxing is about money.

Mundine made more money here, then he would have in the usa.

He just talked alot of shit. but it made him rich. he beat soliman,green and Geale, echols and competed against kessler. that all he is. not a great fighter. A fighter who was around for a couple years inside the top 10. not 1 or 2 or 3, but around 8 to 12 in the world

Your voice is getting shrill TC with a hint of desperation.
You feel no one is listeningn . They're not.

Well if you want to count them just Ash from Japan and Anus from France.
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