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Default Re: Anthony Mundine Defeated by Reality TV star

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Ok mate tell me this then and please try not be bias,

Why did Danny win the WBA LHW belt, never defend it then retires only to come out of retirment 18 months later and win the lowly IBO crusierweight belt?

Isnt that taking a huge step backwards and not in the right direction if credibility and legacy is what drives Danny Green, lets not forget LJD that he did say he wasnt coming back for the money, why is it then you cant see what he is doing and just how wrong it really is?

Katsidis and co are not getting the media they deserve because of guys like Danny Green and Mundine, if and when Danny does the right thing again i will back him as i did when he fought Beyer but until then he is no better than cumdine.
On the first issue I'm not really sure why Danny retired,at the time i was like WTF your retiring now!
We all know what he said in the media about waking up in the middle of the night or some **** with a gut feeling or whatever to retire.
To be honest i would like to see him fight Garay just so that once he'd knock him out people people will stop with this bull**** of "Danny retired cause he didn't want to face Garay".
Hugo is a tailor made opponent for Danny with his come forward wide swing punching style
Now i hate to tell you but Danny actually clearly stated that he was coming back for 2 reasons.
1.rematch choc
2.set up his young family with some extra $$$.
So Danny has never said that he isnt coming back for cash,he may have said "money isn't the only reason he came back".
Honestly when he came out of retirement he thought he would have 2 tune up fights b4 taking on choc and basically that was going to be it win lose or draw against choc.
Now onto the IBO belt,after choc said he wasn't interested in a rematch GMP started negotiating with RJJ and the only way for them to get RJJ to agree to a fight was to get a cruiserweight title so he went to America and picked up the IBO trinket belt.
That trinket belt sealed the deal for 1 of the biggest fights on Australian shores.
So while your having a go at him because he gets a bit of media attention when was the last time Kat,Vic and co every brought a fighter like RJJ to Australia?
What about the oppotunities Greeny gives to fighters like young wild Will,Kickett,Garlett,Wills bros and the like?
Ask any fighter thats fought on a GMP card and they will tell you how well they were treated and paid.
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