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Default Re: Holyfield to fight Brian Nielsen !!!

Originally Posted by Claus Holmen View Post
It is 8 years ago Brian Nielsen announced his retirement. Ever since, every year on april 1 - the joke was that Brian Nielsen would make a comeback.
He would join the K1 circus, have a rematch against Tyson and so on.
At home in sunny Spain, Nielsen laughed: "Im not a fool !". "Im in the
Golf-buissness now !"

Money aint easy anymore in the Golf-buissness. So Nielsen - not afraid to be called a fool - decided to convince Kalle Sauerland that the Danes X-mas wish was a Nielsen comeback to the boxng buissness.
And now we have a Holyfield - Nielsen match on March 5.
Not a joke anymore it has turned into sad news for Danish boxing.
Nielsen - invalid with a stiff knee, blurred speach and a heavy, fat and untrimmed body - is an old 45 year going to fight a young 48-year old, very fit boxer.
With Mogens Palle out of boxing, boxing haters at the the Danish parlaiment has had nothing to say since the Sauerlands started to run shows in Denmark.
Now waiting on the sidelines - the Nielsen comeback - is like throwing candy to children.
Worst scenario Nielsen getting damaged, hospitalized will surely put a ban on boxing in Denmark, like in Sweden or like in Norway where proffessionel boxing is completely banned.
Best scernario - Danish Boxing Federation saying "No way well sanction such a Circus !" wont happen - leaving boxing fans hoping that Nielsen will surrender like he did against Tyson - "When the going gets tough - Nielsen does a NO MAS !".
I thoguht they had four round professional fights in Sweden again?
POST SCRIPT" Timur Ibragimov just fought Al cole in Sweden in a 6 rounder.
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