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Default Re: Tim Witherspoon vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
He looks more impressive because he's more defensively difficult---which is more impressive. He's a better all around fighter. He can still do big damage but his opponents don't see a tenth of the easier openings. Ibragimov, Chagaev and Chambers are all better than Brewster, Puritty and Sanders, imo. When it comes to Puritty, that's not really just an opinion either, I don't think. They're lesser punchers, but higher quality fighters. Oh, and you can't go "exactly" to my disagreeing with you.
it's because of the quality of opposition that nobody can get by wlad's defense
he still isn't as aggressive as he was before and he would need it against the spoon-wlad can't just jab and throw right hands because Tim is eventually going to time him with a right hand. not only is the old wlad more athletic and faster but hes younger. maybe he let's out openings but the fact is that wlad's opponents aren't good enough to take him out. spoon certainly is.

and bummy I'd say his best wins are over mercer, Bruno, gonzalaz, smith, ribalta, and tubbs. better resume then wlad and vitali
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