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Default Re: Bog Cleaner's Training Log

Originally Posted by Bog Cleaner View Post
I haven't really set any specific goals for running, I used to be a decent runner over shorter distances when I was younger I remember doing 1.5 mile in 8 1/2 min when I was about 19, I'll just see how it goes.

I was going do sit-ups with my press-ups the other day but it was too painful, I bruised my back when I was shadow boxing I twisted my ankle and crashed into the sharp angle of the wall
One of those days? ithe other day i picked up a DB to change the weight and dropped 15kg on my foot, having forgotten i'd already took the clip off

Your circuits are coming on nicely, told you the results were fast

So running just for cardio then? I miss running to be honest but with trying to get bigger ive pretty much cut it out completely except for occaisional 3 milers, and pretty much just doing my circuits and walking everywhere (something my dog's not complaining about) and doing my 25 miler up on the hills once a week for cardio work and that's it... oh and a bit of rope climbing (mostly for core work/conditioning) and a bit of boxing here and there.

But yeah, well done with the circuits. it'll be interesting to see how long it takes before your doing 100 + chins per day and 2-300 press ups, sit ups etc as you seem pretty focused. i'd say 4-6 weeks.
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