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Default Re: Any real news or rumours about Mundine's next fight

Originally Posted by Marcus
MMA it is!!! Which allows muay thai rules

Im goin to chop you down with heavy legs kicks mate and finish you off with a high round kick when you drop your hands to protect your bruised legs.

I used to be able to do it againts my trainer so i should have no trouble with you
Have you noticed how Muai Thai kicks aren't very effective in MMA rules? It is because when you kick you are on one leg and can very easily be taken down. Also to correctly throw a Muai thai kick you need to twist your body which leaves your face wide open to a big right hand. I love it when people try to kick me. They usually eat about 3-4 good ones and then on there back. My leg will recover a lot quicker then your face will mate hahaha.
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