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Default Re: Tim Witherspoon vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by boza81 View Post
Have you forgotten that 'Spoon almost beat Holmes in '83. That was a good performance. He shut down the Holmes jab and rocked Larry with some big right hands. Larry certainly took a better shot than Wlad. The key would be Witherspoon's ability to nulify Wlad's jab. If he could, then, Wlad's right had would be pretty useless, and Tim could come over the top with his own right hand. It wouldn't be easy because Wlad is so tall, but he's also not exactly fast, or defensively proficient. It's true that most of the 80's heavyweights were not greatly conditioned and underachieved, but they had skills.
I think Larry was ripe to be beaten but Tim did pull the trigger and he was pretty much consistently a fighter that did not go the extra mile. Granted he only had 15 fights but Witherspoon never really stood out or went the extra mile. I think Vlad has better size than Bone-crusher, has a jab that equals the very best. At this point in time a solid defense and a great right hand and hook. I think Vlad is a better class fighter than most of what Spoon fought and more dangerous than Holmes ...I like Vlad by a Thompson like stop
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