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Default Re: Bog Cleaner's Training Log

Originally Posted by Bog Cleaner View Post
Aren't you supposed to have rest days in between this type of training? To allow the muscles to recover?
Take them as and when you need them to begin with but once you get stronger you'll find you can do press ups/sit ups every day and either alternate chins/pull ups every day or do them every other day. But for me this is a result of doing press ups/chins/pull ups for years so i'm more than used to it. some days (not weights days) i can bang out 6 or 700 press ups/sit ups/burpees etc in around an hour (i never go above 150 chins or pull ups a day tho) and feel fine the next day, a bit sore but nothing major and i soon loosen up once ive stretched off. Yet a friend of mine and my brother tried one of my bodyweight workouts and were ****ed for nearly a week after. It takes time to get used to it but the results are worth it.
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