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Default Re: Fighters your emotionally attached to..

Man I dont know if you guys could have guessed but its Mayweather, when i see him box he makes it look so simple he graces the ring and everything comes off almost as if he didnt even have to think about it, not just him laying out cats in the ring with that pull counter right hand but his dedication not just for one fight but throughout his whole life, since he was in his pushchair the guy been training

can you imagine how many times he has wanted to quit for good as amatuer and pro and it still isnt good enough for some people, then everytime he comes back its not good enough the question is when does it end.

those of you who have boxed just know how difficult it is to do this and stay in the gym training twice a day especially when you are in the upper echelon of the game and with sio many outside distractions from women to drink you name it he avoided that and it takes something special in a man to cut it out.

Its not just his dedication his skill or his great mind i admire its the fact that i see a part myself in him to a certain extent, sometimes when something happens i almost know what he is doing/going to do and aot of the times it comes off, and knowing him as i think his next move he knows he has a challenge infront of him but he is stubborn and will do it at his own accord he knows that pac is a dangerous opponent but he is soaking everything up letting the tabloids write all the **** abut him saying he is scared a ***** etc as he soaking it up and his bck against the wall and it is motivating him so much as when you have been doing one thing your whole life you just need that extra umph. when he feels that he has enough fire he will go and conquer his persoanl demons.

He is a true inspiration
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