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Default Re: Weakest punchers with the most KO's?

I would pick Muhammad Ali. He is the only man to have KO'd George Foreman.

36 KO's / 56 W (% is in high 60s) but won only 2 fights by 1st round KO: one of them where Liston says to hell with it.

Underrated his power, he could hit heavy when he sat down on his punches - but he usually did not sit down but move around a lot so he couldn't plant his feet with optimal power like Tyson or Foreman would do. Bottom line is - with the style described - he didn't hit particularly hard but man was he an accurate puncher.

Ali's KO % in high 60s is pretty good in comparison to ATG punchers (even if you include Ali's losses in the calculation - it is still pretty good) : John L. Sullivan 78 percent, Louis 76 percent,
Shavers 76 percent, Tyson 75 percent, Frazier 72 percent, Liston 72 percent, Jeffries 71 percent

Suprisingly, I heard Tommy Hearns started off without being much of a puncher and then with some training - BAM (I thought puncher's are born? I only follow heavyweights so I can't say much on this - I just heard. Sure, moving down in weightclass can make your power more apparent but I don't think that is what Tommy did. Can anyone shed light into this if what I say has any truth?).
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