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Default Freddie Roach explains his catchweights strategy

I was looking at this interview yesterday after the Oscar De La Hoya fight and I can't believe that people haven' called team Pacquiao out for cherry picking before. Freddie explains multiple times in this video on who they want to fight and why they choose to fight certain fighters.

First Freddie breaks down the Oscar fight and then he explains later in the video why they choose him in the first place. He says that they chose Oscar because his age and he didn't do good in his late few performances. I understand them taking it because of the revenue though, so I'm not trippin too much.

He also says they would like the Mayweather fight(when he was retired), but they do claim they want to fight the best, but then he goes on to say that they want to fight Mayweather at a catchweight below 147 because they want to take a little something from Floyd at 6:20.

Then the Margarito fight is brought up around 6:40. Remember this was just after Margarito/Cotto and before Margarito/Mosley. Freddie said he that he doesn't want the fight, but it depends on how he looks against Mosley(Mosley KHTFO so they take it a year later). He states that Margarito is a big 147 pounder in his PRIME and that's not a good fight for them at the time. He also states that if Margarito wants to fight at 143 or 144 then they'll fight him

Now they ask about Miguel Cotto (after the Margarito fight) and Freddie jumps to it and seems excited about it.

After the Mosley fight is happened, it seems more people are catching on to what their camp has been doing. They always use these catchweights to their benefit and it's the same thing with Marquez as well now.

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