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Default Re: Cheery Picking with Freddie

Originally Posted by Gander Tasco View Post
Also you don't think Floyd fights guys who he's certain he can beat? Baldo, Gatti, Mitchell, Corley, Judah, Hatton. He'll fight them when their "C-class club fighters" but when it came down to a younger/fresher Mosley, and a prime Margarito / Cotto, he ran off into retirement.
Thats not what Bob Arum said.

The reason Mayweather opted for the buyout rather than waiting for the May 6 result was because the contract had a limited window for the buyout, one that expired before the De La Hoya fight. However, Arum said he would have extended the window if Mayweather had asked. What Arum wouldn't do, he said, was raise the guarantees for other fights outlined in the contract.

"Arum said while Mayweather would have taken the $8 million to fight Margarito, he asked for a $10 million guarantee to fight opponents such as Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton, when Arum was only willing to guarantee $7 million.

Arum said Mayweather also asked for $20 million to fight De La Hoya, a fight Arum said he wasn't interested in participating in.

"That's not in the cards," Arum said. "He wants $20 million for the De La Hoya fight? It's not there. Sometimes, my man, you gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. We'll talk about things down the road."
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