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Default Re: Klitschko vs Brewster training and press conference pics...

Originally Posted by Rudolph
that would be great if thats his REAL motivation. its just that ive got this funny stomack feeling that he's too nice a guy. he better not be taking this fight as a boxing match. Cause Brewsters taking him to war. I wish he would wack Brewster as hard as he can as soon as he can be it the opening seconds of the first round even. Because if he's planning on boxing him calmly that just aint gonna work.
Brewster isn't going to be dictating this fight though. Wladimir and his jab are. Brewster can want to go to war all he wants, but if he can't get past Wlad's jab, then the only person he will be at war with is himself. Wladimir's movement and jab are going to be setting the pace of this fight. It will be his pinpoint power punching set up by that jab that ends the fight.

Of course Brewster is always going to be dangerous to anyone that he faces, and has the ability to turn fights around with one great shot... but that doesn't mean skill is out the window. If you go into a fight with him under that mindset, then you have already lost. Wladimir is going to stick to his game, which up until he gassed out against Brewster the first time was more than enough.
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