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Default Re: Training overhaul

Thanks for the encouragement Sam. In the past i would have trained through it and probably put myself out of action for a couple of weeks. This time I spent the off-time wisely, looking into gymnastic progressions for the New Year. I reckon my wrist's healed enough to start going boxing again a couple of times a week as well so, all in all, everything's OK. Cheers for the link, I'll get looking over the next few days. Will be checking out Dogo Argentino/Bullterrier crosses as well, but I've lost my interest in hunting at the mo so a sensible, stable Bullmastiff might be a better choice lol!

My session today comprised static strength holds (handstand work and other basic gymnastic ****) and they were 500% better than yesterday's. I must be recovering. I'm not in any rush with this gymnastic strength stuff-just read about a 50 year old former gymnast who banged out 163 hand-stand press-ups on the horizontal bars. I've still got 12 years to get there.

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