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Default Re: Klitschko vs Brewster training and press conference pics...

Originally Posted by Scar
I know that this post was to WiDDoW but I'm going to comment about Brewster catching Wladimr in the championship rounds. When Wladimir is hurt, he moves/holds..etc and finds a way to get out of it. Brewster is a horrible finisher in my opinion, just look at the 5th round of the first fight, he had Wladimir DEAD tired and the only punch he landed was the hook which sent Wladimir to the ropes, after Byrd counted that as a knockdown all Brewster did was miss, miss, miss till the bell rang. Like he had a guy TOTALLY defenseless and tired yet he couldn't do anything but land that first hook.
Exactly Brewster finished terrible that fight and look what STILL happened. Wlad does try to hold I will give you that but obviously it isnt long enough because his attempt too didn't work on Sanders or Brewster. Why didn't it work? Because that one good shot lands and he is lost for rounds.
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