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Default Re: Klitschko vs Brewster training and press conference pics...

Originally Posted by PBF P4P #1

So if Wlad was tired in the 5th against Lamon and got caught what is going to happen if a conditioned Brewster comes in and catches a winded Wlad in the championship rounds?

I never said it is one punch that takes him out, however it is one punch that alters his mindset and gameplan when he is hurt. He is terrible at holding on taking time to recover via clinching, moving etc. He looks completely lost when that good shot lands. You can train and train and train on how to fight but you can't make someone's chin instantly better. Why do you think Steward has him staying at distance, using his size, and clinching? Yes it is certainly effective for him but he also has him doing it because if he trades frequently inside more than not he will be the one getting caught and not recovering.

Like I said before I think your guy will win, but I guarantee to do so he will have to take Lamon's shot and we don't if he can or not.
You are living in a world that is more than 3 years ago. I agree that Wladimir used to have a problem dealing with adversity in that manner. He admitted that much after his fight with Sanders. For a simple reason, he had never been taught what to do when hurt, and he had never really been hurt. You have to realize when you have a guy that is that size, and that talented... he really doesn't come across adversity all that much. However, since being with Steward all of this time, it is obvious Wladimir has made those adjustments and simply isn't the same fighter that he was 3 years ago. The Peter fight is exactly what he needed to get over the hump.
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