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Default Re: Klitschko vs Brewster training and press conference pics...

Originally Posted by PBF P4P #1
Exactly Brewster finished terrible that fight and look what STILL happened. Wlad does try to hold I will give you that but obviously it isnt long enough because his attempt too didn't work on Sanders or Brewster. Why didn't it work? Because that one good shot lands and he is lost for rounds.
Lost for rounds? Brewster landed a huge shot in the 3rd round that shook Wlad for a second, and Wladimir went right back to pasting the **** out of him for the rest of that round, and brutalized him in the 4th round before completely gassing out. How do you explain that?

He was hurt and put down in the 10th against Peter, and came back to box circles around him in the 11th, trade punches with Peter and hurt him badly in the 12th... how does that support that claim?

TOS put Wlad down with a flash off balance knockdown, but a good shot nonetheless... and Wladimir popped right back up in less than one second and pounded TOS for the rest of that round and fight as well.

Go all the way back to his fight with Pannell when he was caught off balance, but with a big shot and put down... got right back up and destroyed him within the next round as well.

I think that people took that "glass jaw" nonsense from the Sanders fight and have been running with it ever since. Guess what? Brewster could knock Wlad out against Saturday, and it still wouldn't mean that Wlad has a glass jaw. That is what happens when Power punchers exchanges punches.
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