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Default Re: Klitschko vs Brewster training and press conference pics...

Originally Posted by Scar
His chin is fine in my opinion, nothing wrong with it despite what idiots say. If he was chinny then he would've gotten knocked out cold once someone catches him, has he ever?, no. As far as heart goes, the man does have heart, if he didn't he would've have gotten up over and over against Sanders and KEPT trying despite losing, same with Brewster. His determination and training speaks for itself, the man LOVES to train.
All Im saying is he doesnt walk into the ring with the heart and determination of a Holyfield, or intimidate people like Tyson would, he needs that something extra to just come to the ring and people know he is going to win....Peter just ran out of time in my opinion, I want to see Wlad go in and show he can trade and walk through someone's best shot which is something he hasnt always done....the greats dont lose fights to Puritty from training issues, the Brewster work ethic excuse has already came up as well....Im not saying he isnt the most talented HW but I want to see the total package that he could be and we hopefully are starting to see that with Manny around.

To reply to the chin talk, what separates a good chin from a great chin is how one recovers. He has shown problems with that, and they seemingly can not be fixed he can just hope his new style ala Manny improves his chance of not getting caught.
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