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Default Re: Training overhaul

a.m. 45 mins mountain run. Didn't get round to doing a run on the flat because there's a fair few tourists here for the holiday period and it'd be a bit congested on the flat road. Gotta say that running up this mountain has gotten to be so easy now. Just like strolling up it.

p.m. 16 mins of Hybrid Tabatas:

Burpees with clean and press(20 kg sandbag)
Bodyweight rows (on rings)
Pistols(holding rings)
Hindu push-ups
Snatches(20 kg db)
Thrusters (20 kg sandbag)
Ab raises on bar

Relieved to see that the dodgy period over Christmas hasn't affected me at all. Ran through the full 16 mins very intensely, as Tabatas should be.

I don't think I've ever felt better in my life. Since 13th September when I cut out sugar, cereal grains and franken fats I'm feeling unbelievably robust and fit. The morning slow run, hike or cycle with the dogs and 3-5 afternoon intense sessions is going great. Can't wait for the better weather in March/April when I can start doing a load of kayaking, climbing etc.
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