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Default Re: Official 2011 Aussie NRL Thread

Originally Posted by Rooster4Life View Post
And i recall you speaking the same dribble last year "2009,2009,2009", and i also recall Roosters Beating you 2 from 2 LAST YEAR...Not 2 Years ago.

I Also recall You Saying "Roosters wont make the 8"

I Also Recall You Saying "Roosters will Lose Round 1 Of the Finals"

I Also Recall You saying "Titans Will Beat The Scum"

I Also Recall You saying at the end of the year Souths would be above Roosters

I also Recall you saying Souths would Make the Top 8 last year.

I guess what im trying to say is......Your Opinion Sucks
Do you also recall carrying on like a teenage ***** when you got thumped in the grand final?

You were showboating that gif of the Dragons player going into touch around like it was some hard proof that you guys had clearly been robbed.

I look forward to the forecoming scientific evidence that you'll present in defence when Souths inevitibly skull **** the scum in March.
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