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Default Re: Floyd fears Pac !

All this bull**** ped **** is what's got floyd shaking. It's very simple, if u tell a lie long enough you'll begin to believe your own lie. All this ped **** started out as a mind game, but these fools have blown up pac into some sort of man eating midget monster who's knocking out giants with one hand and shooting fire ***** with the other

Even floyds daddy came out and said he would NEVER advise floyd to fight pac. Dude that's his dad. Can u imagine ur dad telling u "yeah son u don't want none of that guy, for real". It's gotta be in the back of his mind. Usually his dad say's he'll beat anyone, anytime, his whole life that was the tune he danced too. Now the tune has changed, and floyds believing his own boogie man stories.
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