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Default Re: Why do people rate Roy Jones Jr. so high at middleweight.

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets
I don't understand this, Roy is in a lot of peoples top 10 at middleweight all time. The only high quality win he has at middleweight is against Bernard Hopkins. That's a good win to have, but Hopkins had yet to establish himself.

Jones exhibited arguably to most athletic talent at this weight, but his record does not include enough quality to get a top 10 all time rating.

I do rank Jones as the best super middleweight ever, based mainly on his win over James Toney. If not for Jones, Toney would be my choice there.

In fact, I think Toney should rate higher all time at middleweight than Jones. Toney accomplished more at this weight. I believe Toney's wins over Merqui Sosa, Michael Nunn, Reggie Johnson, and Mike McCallum out weigh Jones victory over Hopkins alone.
The only thing that Hopkins lacked when he fought Jones was a win over a marquee fighter ( Trinidad ), other than that, he was the same fighter then as he is today.
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