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Default Re: Joe Louis's Opposition (old story, I know)

Originally Posted by mcvey
Title Defenses against the likes of Jack Roper , Tony Musto ,and Gus Dorazio were pretty dismal,Roper was 36 had a record of 26 W 22L 5 Ds,Musto had lost9of 33 fights with 1 drawand had won 4 of his lasty 9 fights, Dorazio, who couldnt break an egg, had a record of36 W 9 L 1 D his only win over a "name was a split dec over Bob Pastor3 years before,Al Ettore ,Arturo Godoy, Patsy Perroni and even Willie Reddish had beaten him.NONE OF THESE MEN WERE RATED CONTENDERS WHEN THEY MET LOUIS.Apart from looking at how Louis demolished them you have to factor in how good they were,their records tell us they were poor undeserving challengers.Louis ,s best opponents fromToomy Farr ,his 1st defence in37 toAbe Simon in 42 ,were Farr,Schmeling,Buddy Baer ,and Billi Conn,only one,Conn could be called an ATG, and he was a light heavy who weighed 169 lbs when he fought Louis ,giving the Champion 30 lbs,Louis when great but the calibre of his opponents was not,better fighters than those mentioned should have had the opportunity to test him complexion played a big part in the choice of Louis,s challengers,and overall they cannot compare to those Ali beat.
Louis made 7 title defenses in 1941. Three were against outstanding
contenders, Conn, Nova, and Baer. Why is it so terrible then that he
defended against Musto and Dorazio, and why is Dorazio so bad. He
had been rated in the top ten and would be in the future. According to
Boxrec, he came into the Louis fight at 50-9-1, good for that era and
not awful for today. His career record was 73-23-2, and he defeated
six men who were at one time or another top five heavyweigths (Harry
Bobo, Johnny Flynn, Buddy Walker, Joe Baksi, Lem Franklin, and Gunnar
Barlund). His record certainly stands up to Brian London (37-20-1),
who got two shots at the title, David Bey (18-11-1), Chuck Wepner
(35-14-2), not to mention Manuel Ramos (25-29-3), let alone someone
like Terry Daniels.
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