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Default Re: So what exactly is wrong with Nat Fleischer's top 10 heavyweight list?

[quote=OLD FOGEY]
Originally Posted by TBooze

The first LaStarza fight was a split decision victory for Marciano. New
York had a round system with a supplemental point system if the rounds came out even. One vote went to LaStarza on rounds, one to
Marciano, the third ended 5 to 5, but Marciano won on points as he
had scored a knockdown and won his rounds by larger margins.

No one ever said Marciano was unbeaten from this or that date. He
was unbeaten as a professional. Everyone knew the Wallace fight
came after his first pro fight by the early fifties.
Of course, but it was a points system dropped by NYSAC soon after, the fight would of been a draw in virtually any other time frame.

As for Wallace of course everyone knew he lost, but no one knew he was going to try and claim to be unbeaten as a pro (paid fighter)...
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