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Default Re: Timothy Bradley vs. Devon Alexander

ESB posters are, at large

A) ****ing impatient.


B) ****ing stupid.

I haven't been online since before the fight (and just now watched it). You had to wait 16 hours for you vcash payout. Boo ****ing hoo. It isn't like there are any other impending events that you urgently need to bet really, if it's within a day of the fight and you haven't been paid out kindly STFU and sit tight.

As to the ruling - THIS IS NOT ****ING COMPLICATED. AT ALL.

9.5 Rounds, in terms of over/under means NINE AND A HALF ROUNDS completed. In other words, the clock has to reach past one minute and thirty seconds of ROUND TEN to qualify as "Over" 9.5 rounds.

This bout was stopped at the beginning of round 10 (one minute and one second in). The clock did not reach 1:30. It read 1:59, counting down from 3:00. It was therefore stopped UNDER 9.5 ROUNDS. There is no ambiguity here, there is no cause for confusion, it is NOT open to interpretation. It's pretty ****ing simple and you cats are also pretty ****ing simple.

Oy vey.
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