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Default Re: Boxinglad123's training log

Originally Posted by Boxinglad123 View Post
Pretty much just pull-ups but just to one side and alternate with each rep, I'm not quite strong enough to do 3x10 of thew variation you mentioned but I'm doing my best to get there! It's one of the steps to doing the unasisted one hand variation which is just's one of my aims for this year! I'm a shortass for my weight in the amatuers so physical training is very important to me.

Thanks alot for the comment.
I could never do more than 5 of the kind I mentioned lol. Those side to sides you did (I always called them cliffhangers) are great. The one-hand is insane but if you're short then you've got a good shot at doing it. Most guys who do them are shorter folks.

Doing one-handed negatives off of those pullups is cool too. It's more like a controlled fall for me though lol.
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