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Default Re: In the last 30 years- p4p whose better than Sugar Ray Leonard

chavez for his achievements, sweet pea for his achievements and his talent, hagler, I'd put pryor in there especially since word ahs it around here (DC-SRL home turf) that SR ducked Pryor. Duran for sure was no 1 if you go back 40 and probably right there at 30.heavyweights are tuff....
I can't say on PBF as I hate to include anyone who isn't done (notice I chose done rather than retired) yet...but he is on track to be right there. Let's not forget SRL got undeserving decision against hearns 2, was questionable vs. an old hagler, and got beaten like a dozen eggs vs norris (albeit he was pretty far gone himself) though his losses were late in his career to be an undisputed p4p that kind of thing weighs in...or else we should definately throw in Jones, Toney and a few others. Not that this puts SRL out of it at all...just makes it less dominant. Finall if we're going to take PBF to task for not so great opposition, then let's really look at leaonard. He lost the first duran fight, he won the second but lot's of peeps have questioned that one, he beat a prime Hearns in his greatest effort and Benitez...anyone else of top class I'm forgetting? Oh yeah a pretty aged Hagler again in a not so impressive victory. I think SRL was a great fighter an all time great...but he has some real ???marks like most of the others too. Cheers.
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