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Default Re: Is it possible or an orthdox boxer to fight like Winky or Whitaker???

Originally Posted by Cobra33
So an orthdox boxer could per say use some of there moves?
An orthadox fighter (right handed) can do anything a lefty can do and viceversa, everything is backwords if you mimick wright's or whitaker's style, but of course in order to mimick these 2 styles you have to have similar builds and athleticism. Winky has extra long arms and is able to keep his hands high while being able to block body shots and Whitaker was just as athletic as you can get and had great reflexes to slip punches while staying in the pocket. These 2 guys are the best in the world at this and being a defensive fighter is probably the hardest thing to do. If you are new to boxing I would recommend learn the basics, spar as much as you can and after about 5-10 thousand rounds of ringtime you could try one of these 2 styles. good luck
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