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Default Re: Who and what next for Amir Khan?

Today 03:42 PM
elle Quote:Originally Posted by heihaci
yeah true but if Khan beats Thaxton he won't get any credibility and ppl wil claim he is shot.

Maybe if Murray fisght Thaxton and beats him then it could be Khan vs Murray instead for the british title!!

I tend to disagree about Khan not getting any credibility if he fought and beat Thaxton.

I think he would - Thaxton is a known puncher and people couldn't really claim he was shot in the same way as Earl who was coming off the back of a devastating loss to Katsidis and hadn't fought in nearly a year.

Its not just credibility he would be rewarded with if he were to beat Thaxton - its the British Title and we might even get some questions answered about his chin which can only be for the good if it is tested and he comes through unscathed.

I would partially agree with that in that it would be a good foundation for Khan to build on but I just can't get passed the fact that i think Khan would blow Thaxton away within four or five rounds, probably by TKO.

Maybe you think that he doesn't relly need 'a test' at the moment and more to confirm what most ppl already know, that he is the best lightwieght in the UK.

I just think that Thaxton is not really necessary and that he could take on someone like Romanov and just prove that he's a serious talent by being tested slightly more and yet beating him quite confortably.

Personally, i would have no qualms about him facing Thaxton for the reasons u have outlined but will not be disappointed if Thaxton is skipped even if most British fans want to see that fight.

In the mean time, more importantly, before he takes on ANY opponent, he should go over to the US to train. Maybe i'm showing my bias as an exiled Yank but i think at such a young age, he could develop in a more dynamic way to reach the top. (Btw, not saying that he wouldn't develop into a world class fighter staying here!)
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