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Originally Posted by Johnboy2007
This fight was good for both sides lol you gained respect for hatton and i gained respect and well awe at mayweather lol But still right behind you hatton and good luck in the future!
You certainly laugh a lot Johnboy!
Yup, I gained respect for Hatton. However, some of Hattons nuthuggers deserve everything they get from the posters that they have goaded for years. Guys like Sucka, Scurla & yours truly have had to put up with a lot of **** from them through the years for daring to speak our minds on all things Ricky & hatton.
Hopefully Hattons huggers can take a leaf from Rickys book & accept defeat gracefully.
I give Hatton credit, but Im still hurting at some of the grief I have taken over the years from his legions of fans. Im like an elephant, I got a long memory.
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