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Default Re: Dear Dana White, UFC, and MMA...

Originally Posted by acb
Like that fight someone posted a few weeks ago, right?

Oh, forgot, Frye was drunk. Convenient.

Anyways, none of this matters.

The point of the thread is that boxing finished up the year solidly as the best fight sport, and all the dumbass MMA fans who said it was down for the count can now wander off... Lidell is done, Hughes was beat, GSP was beat, and Sherk got busted doing what we all knew he was doing.

Boxing > MMA.
Don Frye is an old drunk, Sonny is an Old nobody, hardly the best representatives.

MMA is more popular now than it has ever been, your argument is ****ing stupid. The UFC is in negotiations with CBS to put on a show.

Love it or hate it, MMA will always be the purest form of fighting going.
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