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Default Re: Dear Dana White, UFC, and MMA...

Originally Posted by Beebs
MMA is as close as you can get to real fighting without getting arrested. Vale Tudo was just flat out real fighting.

You might not find real fighting entertaining, but I dont give a ****, plus although the sport was doing just fine without mainstream exposure, it is now the fastest growing sport in the world.

You don't see people on the MMA forum starting threads about boxing now do you?

You might not like MMA, but it is the purest expression of fighting you can get away with.
what the **** are you talking about man. in real fights people tend to distance themselves from one another. You come grapple me to try that move, and Ill straight rip your ***** off and thumb you right in the eye till your blind. Anything goes in a real fight - if you dont distance yourself you are setting yourself up to get hurt. Remeber - self defence goes a long way towards getting away with blinding someone, biting them, or ripping their ***** off. I would like to seriously meet someone who can honestly continue to grapple me with their ***** being ripped off. yeah thats what I thought. You got nothing for me *****. go take that argument and stuff it up your ass. Boxing is more like a real fight than mma anyday jerkoff.
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