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Default Re: ALI's (Possible Opponents 1967 thru 1970)

Originally Posted by Il Duce View Post
Jose Urtain

Muhammad Ali could have had his own 'White Hopeless Club'

James J. Beattie, James J. Woody, Boone Kirkman, Jack O'Halloran, Jerry Quarry, **** Hall, Chuck Wepner
You forgot Bodell, a southpaw in every way. Left handed with two left feet. The catch here may have been the stylistic difficulties Ali had with southpaws like Mildenberger, and in the amateur ranks. (Regardless, the fact remains that Muhammad was the first heavyweight champion to defend against a southpaw challenger, and he showed with Dunn that he solved the riddle, leaving his jab and awkward counterclockwise circling at home, and going straight to the right lead.)

I'm mildly surprised he didn't take on O'Halloran after the big guy retired Ali's brother Rahman. The angle of fraternal revenge against the giant white boy would have sold it. Jack had some decent wins. It would be interesting to have him compare the power of Norton, Lyle, Big Cat, Foreman and Mac Foster (taking on the latter two in back to back knockout defeats). He's active on-line, so he may well have already addressed some of these boxing related questions from fans. (I don't do facebook myself, and possibly never will.)
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