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Default Re: Did Vitali throw the Byrd fight or just straight up quit?

I'm not a huge fan of either Klitschko, but it really ****es me off when people bring this matter up and give Vitali **** for it, everyone was coming out of the woodwork to say "oh, he's a quitter, he's a wimp". **** you, alright. He's a professional boxer, you don't know the pain of a rotator cuff. Maybe he regrets it and thinks of it as a foolish decision, he could've stood up for another 3 rounds and won the fight like Merchant said, but he shouldn't catch flak for it and be called a quitter. His mental fortitude was proven in the Lennox Lewis fight, and it's not as if Byrd got away scot free. This is absolute nonsense and should be dropped now, we're past it and he's past it.
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