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Default Re: Did Vitali throw the Byrd fight or just straight up quit?

Originally Posted by Flash Jab View Post
That makes no sense. That's about killer instinct, not mental fortitude, and he didn't crumble when the eye was cut, he fought on hard and strong. He had a style, he wasn't playing it safe. You'd be a fool to trade bombs with Lennox at any stage of your career.
I guess you saw the fight differently to me then, the cut changed everything and totally swung the fight in Lewis's favour, and if VITLAY thought it was going to go 12 rounds with that cut then he was delusional - he was lucky to make it to the end of the 6th with it if truth be told.

If he had the mental strength you speak of then he'd have gone out there and got the KO like Marciano always did when he had to. Marciano didn't have a glass heart though I guess.
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