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Default Re: Who and what next for Amir Khan?

Originally Posted by madpup
Hatton's 15th opponent was Bernard Paul, who already had 8 losses to his record prior to that fight. The belts he won by that stage, he may as well have bought those belts at John Lewis.

In any case my argument is, that Khan is being moved as fast as anyone has done in Britain in recent years, the critisism he gets for the quality of his opponents has no basis behind it and is totally irrational. I remember you defending Murray's choice of opponent for his last fight, even though he is older and had more fights and he still struggled to beat a mediocre journeyman.

Its such a shame to belittle the achievements of other british fighters in an attempt to make a point about Khan.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion - not everyone will agree but its simply not accurate to say it has no basis behind it and is totally irrational when posters have clearly outlined their reasons for criticising the quality of some of Khan's opponents.

With regards to Murray - from what I gather it was a disappointing performance in the states but perhaps this was partly the consequence of fighting two live opponents in the space of a month. Despite his record I think the description 'mediocre journeyman' is a bit harsh - some of these mexicans are genuinely tough awkward opponents. I note the point about Murray being a bit older than Khan and having had more fights. I would have liked to have seen him make more progress but he has had injury setbacks and not all boxers develop at the same rate or are fortunate to have the same opportunities put their way.
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