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Default Re: Jan Zaveck (IBF champ) next fight?

Originally Posted by HitBattousai View Post
If Zaveck really wants a "big" fight, his only real shot right now is to put his belt on the line against a comebacking Paul Williams. If Williams is serious about coming back to Welterweight he might value that belt and be willing to give Zaveck the shot. Otherwise, Zaveck's not going to get a big fight without beating some semi-notable competition first away from home. Alfonso Gomez, Kell Brook, and Mike Jones would qualify along those lines, for example.
The feeling I got he is not avoiding anyone...the problem is he can offer only belt and pain to opponent and since many of the Americans don`t want to get beaten by some "unknown" guy from Slovakia or Slovenia or Slokiania or whatever (made that up as 90% of Americans would search Slovenia in Asia).

All you guys that think that Zaveck is the one that is avoiding better opponents then you are fight he will have to fight against one of the top guys like marciano22 said.

Not Delgado`s fault that he was 15th at the WW rankings of IBF and got a chance for the belt. I know i wasn`t happy with him as opponent of Zaveck but hey, Zaveck got just like Delgado a chance to win the belt and he did in South Africa (he was 15th or 13th of IBF at that time).
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