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Default Unknown/Forgotten Great Fights

Most of us have a few treasured fights that typically fly under the radar of the typical fan's knowledge, so let's name a few........

1. Corny Boza-Edwards TKO 7 Guy Villegas

Boza is nearing the end of his illustrious career, while young stud Villegas is the latest of many up-and-comers wanting Corny's scalp on their resume. Villegas is a marathoner from Oregon, and his workrate and stamina are said to be remarkable. Sure enough, he comes out smoking in the early rounds, pounding away with hundreds of shots. While not very powerful, they earn him a bit of a lead. At one point, he even props Boza's head up along the ropes by his neck, and pounds him with a right to the face.

Boza, of course, has seen all this before, and after figuring his young foe out, begins punching back in earnest about the fourth. Villegas is game, but can't match Boza's savvy, and in the seventh, Corny blasts Villegas into the ropes and tees off until the outclassed Oregonian is rescued by the referee.

2. Marcel Pigou TKO 7 Eduardo Lausse

Lausse begins as he always seemed to, whaling away with huge punches with both hands, particularly that frightening hook. He hurts Pigou badly along the way and seems well on his way to yet another KO, when suddenly Pigou dumps him for a shocking TKO victory.

3. Bobby Chacon TKO 7 Art Frias

Our good friend Renofan just sent me this one; Chacon is near the end by this time and has little left except the ability to thrill a crowd, and he does it again here. Both start punching feverishly almost immediately, and Chacon is dropped briefly in the second. He absorbs even more afterward, but as was his custom, countered off the ropes with that still-potent right hand, backing Frias away. The fighters take turns backing the other against the ropes and punching at a frenetic pace. In the seventh, a surging Chacon hurts Frias with a right, and loads up right after right at both the head and body until Frias finally collapses to his knees, the referee waving it off as he falls.

4. Marvin Johnson TKO 7 Leslie Stewart

Aside from Hagler-Hearns, you'd be hard pressed to find a more exciting first round than this one. Johnson storms from his corner and hammers at Stewart, who seems taken aback initially. He suffers a cut eyebrow almost right away, but when backed to the ropes, lashes out at Johnson with pin-straight one-twos, and rocks his head back like a bobble head doll. Johnson returns the favor, and walks right back into the fire to give more. The two trade heavy salvos for the remainder of the round, and the crowd roars as only a hometown crowd can (Indianapolis).

The action continues to seesaw, with Johnson seming to tire and Stewart gaining momentum, then Johnson gathering himself for yet another attack that seems to bewilder Steward momentarily. Finally, the referee stops the fight in the seventh because of Stewart's eye, awarding the fight to Johnson along with an unprecedented third light heavyweight championship. Tremendous fight.

...........I just noticed al of these end in "TKO 7."
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