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Default Re: Sylvester v Geale for the MW IBF world title

Originally Posted by Axe View Post
I don't get all the Sylvester hate.

Give the man some credit, he has been in some exciting wars. He is not Felix Sturm, the conman.

Still I would love to see Steven seGeale pull it off.
Yeah, people just seem to automatically hate on any German with a world title.

Stieglitz and Sylvester in particular do not have overly cautious styles and are usually matched pretty evenly against fellow B-level challengers. Their fights are rarely boring. Sure, you could call them "weak titlists" compared to some of the ones in other divisions...but weaker than the likes of Cornelius Bundrage or Mzonke Fana? Hardly. They aren't bottom of the barrel, which is where most people seem to relegate any German titlist.

Sturm...well, yeah I can see why people find him boring. And he certainly doesn't take on a level of competition that's a high degree of difficulty for his talents.

Huck is the one who should get the most flack, IMO. A world titlist who literally doesn't even know how to box? That's embarrassing. At least his competition is good though (sometimes).
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