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Default Re: When is Hatton returning to the UK?

Originally Posted by Boro chris
He shouldn't be given a heroes welcome but neither should he be criticised to heavily as he lost to the best boxer in the world.
Also the expectations you say he fell short of were clearly unrealistic in the first place.
But yeah, you have a point. This british obsession with heroic losers needs to be put to bed.
I totally disagree with your post. The way I look at it is if you are a fan of a fighter, you should support them through thick & thin. There is no in between.
If I seen any Hatton fans here turn their back on Ricky just cos he lost, they are not real fans in my eyes.

I cant believe that I am reading posters here saying that Hatton doesnt deserve a welcome home from his fans, cos he had the cheek to lose to the best
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