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Default Re: Where is Marvin Hagler in your Top Middleweights ATG?

Originally Posted by Senya13
Don't people claim RJJ doesn't belong because he didn't do much at 160lb? Well, the thing is neither Harry Greb, nor Mickey Walker have done much at 160lb limit either. The bout with Walker was an exciting one, but it was one-sided in almost all rounds, Walker was still a welterweight and inexperienced.
Walker's victory over Flowers is his only significant achievement at 160lb, but what kind of victory that was, we all know.
Well for starters, we don't have the weights of each fighter in a lot fo Greb fights. Some of them might have taken place below the 160 pound limit.

Secondly, yes, a lot of his fights were above 160, but for all intents and purposes they were contests between middleweights (or a middleweight and a lightheavyweight in many instances) that were taking place outside of title fights where the fighters didn't have to meet the 160 limit. They weren't even fully fledged supermiddles (and probably by today's standards, weren't even fully fledged middles).

So technically perhaps, yes, Greb had a lot of fights above 160, but really, he wasn't much more than a middleweight in most of those fights.

Senya, do you think he should be rated as a supermiddle or a lightheavy then?
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