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Default Re: THe Nuthugger Quiz.........

Originally Posted by FORSTER
MSTR murdoch and delisle are not worse than neivas,nor are they better.James crawford is another journeyman past his use by date also.
My point to you is there is no hope in hell green beats neivas in 3,and it aint because mundine didnt that i say this,i say it because his chin is like granite,he is strong and well built and throws a good punch and takes a hiding.
If you watched the fight you would know this.
And also your wrong.Beyer beat green twice.Disqualified for a headbutt he through because beyer was slowly coming back.Green did it out of pure frustration.Its still a win for beyer.
And you seen what happened the 2nd time when beyer actually prepared for green properly.
Bottom line.Look what kessler did to beyer in 2/3 rounds.He ended his career.
Now look at how beyer beat green the 2nd time round.
Now look at mundines 12 rounder against kessler.Best fight i have seen for a while.
Punchline.Mundine and kessler are a class above green and beyer.
It shows your limited knowledge of boxing in that you think Kessler vs Mundine is the best fight you have seen in a while. Just because Kessler KO'd Beyer doesn't mean he KO's Green. It doesn't work like that. I am not even going to try to explain why because its far to complex for you to understand. If you truely think that Neivas is as good as Delisle or Murdoch then I have nothing further to say to you. I have better things to spend my time on.
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