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Default Re: In the last 30 years- p4p whose better than Sugar Ray Leonard

Originally Posted by lillarry
none. Can anybody say that they have beat Benitez, Duran, Hagler and Hearns. But it will be funny for somebody to make a case for somebody else.

RJJ has wins over BHop (generally the same as Haggler, and the margin was much clearer), Toney (as good as Benitez), and Ruiz (he was a heavy, 70 lbs heavier than Roy' starting wt, and a conqueror of heavywt HOFer, Holyfield).

He generally disposed of his opponents much more decisively and was overall, a better athlete.

He was the best of the past 30 years. (Other possibles: SRL, Sweetpea, Floyd)
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