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Default Re: THe Nuthugger Quiz.........

I cant find the icon for scratching my head...fark what a mess.

OZ we all know Mundine is not the best fighter no matter what he tell us......I started to follow mundine when he had his first "L" on his record.

I like to support aussie fighters.....I, like the rest of us want to see mundine fight better guys and win a real title...but until then who cares if he fights some guys top 15 to 50....I dont....yea yea I know he mouths off but its about hype and entertainment to sell tickets.

Just think about the build up if Mundine does get a title fight......that will be great.....until then you giving it to all the Mundine lovers is the sort of entertainment I like....until the real fight is on anyway.

Oh I found it
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