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I thought Joe Ward looked very strong friday nite. Not unbelievably skilful/fast or anything but he bullied Egan around da ring; a big thing for a 17 year-old to do!! I was thinkin sumtin afterwards and i wonder does anyone agree....i think he might actually struggle to make 81kg in 18 months for the olympics (if he actually gets selected on the team instead of egan and qualifies)! its just that he looked very big (especially around da shoulders and back) so i assume he was the full 81kgs. He's still growing and will presumably be full-time trainin on an irish sports council grant, so will continue to get bigger and stronger. Evryone keeps sayin he wil evolve into a heavyweight eventually, but i tink it mite happen sooner rather dan l8r (without him having a choice if he keeps growing) and he'd be stuck in limbo den cos Con sheehan wil probly have qualified for the Olympics come the end of the next world championships. What's people thoughts on this??
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