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Yeh there is a desire to find out the following
1> When are they next expecting to be out
2> What is the plan for 2011
3> where are they likely to be happening

with the following fighters

1> Andy Murray
2> Spike
3> Dean Byrne
4> Jamie conlon
5> Martin Lindsay
6> Steven Ormonde
7> Patrick Hyland
8> Paul Hyland
9> Martin Rogan
10> Coleman Barrett

These are 10 fighter I think we haven't heard about in a while.
I'd personally be esepcially interested to know what will happen with Peters Stable since RTE are meant to be out of business for him and secondly with the likes of Dean Byne. Ok we know he is training in Arnies? Is that permanent? Has he left the wild card for good? Is he still hoping to do the Bernard Dunne route? Has PEters any plans to capitalise on Murray? Will he get a Mandatory shot? What about the Gavin Rees rhumors?

Can anyone help us out here?
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