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Originally Posted by Canibus81 View Post
I knew he was studying Muay Thai as early as 10yrs. old and went on to add other elements like Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jit Su, and bushido. Infact a lot of the joint locks he knows I thought were from aikido but it's actually from Muay Thai. They have other elements of Muay Thai besides the knees and the elbows which I always thought that was were it ended. I never knew he was a monk though.
You are partly right... there are no joint locks in Muay Thai, they come from Muay Boran. This is the father of Muay Thai that came from Krabi Krabong

The closest you will get to a joint lock in Muay Thai is a shoulder roll when a clinch goes on.

It is a good point you make though

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