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Default Re: ESB member fight video's

Short video of me on the pads....been boxing nearly a year now...but this video was taken about 3-4 months ago.Ive gotten considerably faster,more powerful and more technical since then.
I was just after 14 rounds sparring so I was tired.Gloves used are 16 ounce gloves.

I would appreciate any feedback.
I have yet to enter the amatuers...the club Im assoiciated with isnt assoiciated with the IABA,and Im loyal to my trainer,so getting someone who is willing to let me fight out of their club while allowing me to remain with my trainer has been difficult.
I have more of a professional style maybe its a blessing in disguise as I dont want to adjust my style to an amateur style.

Luckily I have fought two exhibition bouts,winning both and handing out a standing 8 count to my opponent in each.
I gave away a stone in weight in my last fight...personally I dont feel I fought well,but I didnt lose a round so I must have done too bad.Had my opponent on the run for much of the fight and the ref later told me if it wasnt an exhibition he would have stopped it.Still,plenty of time to improve.
I should have a video of that available fairly soon if anyone is interested in seeing it.

Here is the link:[ame][/ame]

Any advice would be appreciated.
Cheers to everyone in advance for replying [IMG]http://www.frank******.tv/components/com_agora/img/smilies/smile.png[/IMG]
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